Revo Plumbing and Heating Inc. employs some of Saskatoon's best contractors to elevate your space to the next level.



From North to South Saskatoon and surrounding communities, we install only the best in HVAC and plumbing products to ensure your home is perfect for years to come. 


Whether it's a restaurant or office building, we can make your mechanical system as functional and comfortable as possible. 


Need something fixed? We do our best to ensure your systems are running to their fullest potential with our 24/7 repair service. 



Backed up toilet? Clogged sink? Revo offers quality plumbing repairs and replacements to both residential and commercial customers. Our fully trained plumbers are polite, clean and experienced.

Pipe fitting replacement and repair

Sink repair and leaky faucet repair

Repairs for garburators and other plumbing-connected waste disposal units

Toilet repair and replacement, including repairs for common issues such as backed up pipes, leaking toilet flappers, and sweating toilet tanks and bowls

Bathtub and shower leak repairs

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Our highly skilled team of qualified technicians are available to take on your new construction, renovation, or repair/maintenance project. We respect your home, your budget and your deadlines. Out team has been working closely with other trades-people, local inspectors and suppliers for over 7 years and we continue to provide top of the line product and service to our customers. We have the expertise and the relationships in place to maximize efficiency and turn your residential plumbing and heating project around  on your schedule and to your satisfaction, guaranteed. 




Commercial plumbing projects have different requirements than residential ones do but the basics remain the same. We work together with other trades and the contractor, inspectors and all stakeholders to bring your projects in on time and on budget. Our qualified plumbers and gas-fitters are equipped to handle projects of all sizes and bring a wealth of proven expertise to any project to assure successful outcomes.

 Our ability to design, quote, rough-in, problem solve and troubleshoot makes us one of Saskatoon's best choices for large complex plumbing projects. 




Mid-efficiency and high-efficiency boilers and furnaces


Backflow testing

Sump pumps

Commercial Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Our qualified heating technicians are well versed in thinking-big. Your commercial project is no different than a residence in that the people using the building need proper environmental controls to ensure their comfort and the cost-efficiency of the building. There’s no point in throwing money out of the window. Our commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning services are offered as a full mechanical package.

We offer commercial heating services in Saskatoon and area, including:

Mid to high-efficiency boiler replacement and maintenance

Zone valve replacement

Pump installation and maintenance

Unit heater replacement and maintenance

Commercial Gas Fittings

Adherence to the code and safe work practices is very important in commercial gas-fitting projects. Our certified gas-fitters know the code. Whether you are a restaurant, a mall or a BBQ kiosk we take the safety of your employees and the public seriously.

We offer commercial gas fitting services including, but not limited to:

Gas furnace repair and maintenance

BBQ box quick connection installation

Patio heater and fire pit connection installation

Gas boiler maintenance

Gas regulator installation and replacement